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Mycoderil 1% spray 40ml
Mycoderil 1% spray 40ml
Product Code: mycoderil-s40 Pharmstandart

Mycoderil 1% spray 40ml

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Active ingredients
Packing list
    Spray for external use, 1 % 40 ml in vials. Each vial along with nebulizer and instructions for use are placed in a carton pack.

Country of manufacturer
    Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC
    Keep out of the reach of children

Dosage form

    It is transparent, colorless or slightly yellowish solution with a characteristic odor of alcohol.


    Contents per 1 ml:
    Active ingredient: naphthifine hydrochloride - 10.0 mg.
    Additional ingredients: propylene glycol - 50.0 mg, ethanol (ethyl alcohol 95%) - 400.0 mg, purified water - up to 1 ml.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

    antifungal agent


    Mycoderil®, topical spray, 1% is an antifungal agent for external use, belonging to class of allilamines. Its active ingredient is naphthifine. The mechanism of action is associated with inhibition of squalene-2,3-epoxidase, which leads to a decrease in the formation of ergosterol, which is part of the cell wall of the fungus. Naftifine, affecting squalene epoxidase, does not affect the cytochrome P-450 system.
    Naphtifine is active against dermatophytes such as Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Microsporum, yeast and yeast-like fungi (Candida spp., Pityrosporum), mold fungi (Aspergillus) and other fungi (e.g. Sporothrix schenckii). Against dermatophytes and aspergillus naphthifin acts fungicidal. Against yeast fungi the drug has fungicidal or fungistatic activity depending on the strain of the microorganism. Naftifin has antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms causing secondary bacterial infections.
    Naphtifine has anti-inflammatory action, which contributes to the rapid disappearance of symptoms of inflammation, especially itching.


    When applied topically, naphthifine rapidly penetrates into the skin, forming sustained antifungal concentrations in its different layers, making once-daily application possible.


    - Fungal infections of smooth skin and skin folds
    - Interfinger mycoses;
    - Fungal nail infections;
    - skin candidiasis;
    - pityriasis;
    - Dermatomycoses (with or without itching).


    Hypersensitivity to naphthyphine or propylene glycol; pregnancy and lactation period (safety and efficacy of the drug in this category of patients has not been studied).
    Application of the drug to the wound surface is contraindicated.
    Childhood (experience of clinical use is limited).
    Administration during pregnancy and lactation
    It is contraindicated in case of pregnancy and during breast-feeding (safety and efficacy in this group of patients has not been investigated).
    has not been studied).

How to use and dosages

    In dermatomycosis and skin candidiasis.
    Micoderil®, spray for external use, 1% is applied 1 time daily to the affected skin surface and its neighbors after thorough cleaning and drying, covering about 1 cm of healthy skin area at the affection area edges. Duration of treatment: in dermatomycosis - 2-4 weeks (if necessary - up to 8 weeks), with candidiasis - 4 weeks.
    With lesions of the nails (onychomycosis).
    Before the first use of the drug, remove the affected part of the nail with scissors and a nail file as much as possible. The drug is used 2 times a day, the duration of treatment for onychomycosis is up to 6 months. To prevent recurrence of the infection, you should continue using the drug for at least 2 weeks after the disappearance of clinical symptoms.
    If after treatment no improvement occurs or symptoms worsen, or new symptoms appear, consult a doctor. Use the drug only according to the indications, the route of administration and the dosage indicated in the instructions for use.

Side effects

    Local reactions may occur in individual cases: dry skin, skin hyperemia and burning. The side effects are reversible and do not require cancellation of treatment. If any of the side effects mentioned in the instructions are aggravated, or any other side effects not mentioned in the instructions are noted, you should immediately inform the doctor.


    No cases of overdose have been reported.

Drug interaction

    Interaction with other drugs has not been studied.


    Read the instructions for use carefully before using this medicine because they contain important information for you.
    - Keep the instructions in a safe place; you may need them again.
    - Ask your doctor if you have any questions.
    The medicine you are taking is for your own personal use and should not be given to others as it may cause them harm even if you have the same symptoms as you do.
    Mycoderil®, spray for external use, 1% is effective in the treatment of mycosis affecting areas of the skin with hyperkeratosis and hair growth areas.
    A course of treatment is required.
    Avoid getting the drug in the eyes and on open wounds.
    Its use in pediatrics
    Caution should be exercised when using in children.
    Influence on ability to drive vehicles, mechanisms
    Mycoderil®, topical spray 1 % has no adverse effect on
    ability to drive vehicles and to perform other activities requiring concentration and quick psychomotor reactions.

Storage temperature

    2℃ to 25℃