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Badyaga Forte Gel  75 ml
Badyaga Forte Gel  75 ml
Product Code: BA-F-BF-75 Bionor-Pharm

Badyaga Forte Gel 75 ml

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Dosage form

cosmetic gel


badyaga, arnica extract, plantain extract, chamomile extract, glycerin, Aristofleks, bronopol, water cleaning special.

Pharmachologic effect

Gel "Badyaga" - is based on freshwater sponges badyagi - old tools with unique absorbable, antibacterial properties.

Impact Gel "Badyaga Forte" is based on the mechanical irritation of the skin, crushed silicon needles that are introduced into the upper layer of the epidermis, causing local irritation of the skin, subcutaneous capillary expansion and more deep-lying blood vessels. It helps to activate the blood supply to the surface, weakening of local pain and provides excellent resolving effect in the affected areas. There is a local release of biologically active substances: autakoidov, kinins, histamine, prostaglandins, which promote healing of damaged tissues, resorption of scars and seals, as well as restores the local immunity and protective functions of the skin.

Sale Properties

Without license


Gel is recommended:

  • with bruises, contusions, sprains;
  • when pigment spots and stagnant;
  • for acne, oily skin;
  • as an exfoliating agent for skin rejuvenation.


Individual intolerance.

Attention! Before using the gel "Forte Badyaga" face should be tested for individual intolerance (apply a small amount of gel in the crook of the elbow).

Do not apply the gel to the damaged areas of the facial skin, the skin around the eyes!

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