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Boro Plus Skin Care antiseptic cream, 25ml
Boro Plus Skin Care antiseptic cream, 25ml
Product Code: 20800

Boro Plus Skin Care antiseptic cream, 25ml

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sandalwood, tulsi, Kapoor Cachar, kurkurma, aloe, talc, vetiver

Pharmachologic effect
Antiseptic cream "Boro" is made of natural products based on rich experience of Indian medicine. Highly effective with strong antibacterial and antifungal effect and protect against festering frostbite, promote rapid healing with scratches, abrasions and cuts, superficial burns, insect bites, eliminate itching, anti-inflammatory effect. Antiseptic cream be the universal remedy, promotes healing of ulcers and acne removal, treatment of herpes, cracks on lips and dry skin diseases, mitigation and disinfect the skin after shaving. Ideal for children suffering from the pile and razdradzheniyami rash on the skin. It is used as a cosmetic

Sale properties
Without license

Cuts, burns, scratches, cracks, boiled and irritated skin.