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Kameton Aerosol 45 gr.
Kameton Aerosol 45 gr.
Product Code: 20813 BAT "Monfarm"

Kameton Aerosol 45 gr.

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Dosage form
Aerosol topical dosage

Hlorobutanolgidrat 300mg, camphor, menthol, racemic 300mg, 300mg eucalyptus oil, vaseline oil.

Pharmachologic effect
Combined preparation has a local anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and mild evasive action.

Side effects
Allergic reactions.

Sale Properties
No prescription

Special conditions
In inflammatory diseases of the nose is more convenient to use a balloon with a metering valve.

Inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract:
- Rhinitis;
- Pharyngitis;
- laryngitis
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