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Levomekol Ointment  40 g
Levomekol Ointment  40 g
Product Code: levomekol-40g

Levomekol Ointment 40 g

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Levomekol - this ointment, which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerative and hypertensive action. Levomekol incorporates chloramphenicol and methyluracil, applies only outwardly.

Levomekol prescribed for purulent wounds infected with a mixed microflora (including staphylococci, Pseudomonas and E. coli), to cleanse the wounds of purulent necrotic mass, reduce swelling and restore damaged tissues. It must be remembered that the drug should be used in pyo-necrotic phase of wound healing process.

Levomekol can be used for other suppurative-inflammatory processes, such as severe acute hemorrhoids with areas of necrosis in the treatment of carbuncles.

In patients with furuncle of external auditory canal levomekol can be used as turundae (narrow strips of gauze), impregnated with ointment, which are installed in the area of external auditory canal for 12-14 hours.