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Contractubex prolonged action patch 12cmx3cm 21pcs.
Contractubex prolonged action patch 12cmx3cm 21pcs.
Product Code: Contractubex-P-21

Contractubex prolonged action patch 12cmx3cm 21pcs.

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Pharmachologic effect

The patch of prolonged action Contractubex prevents excessive formation of scar tissue, reduces redness, itching, a feeling of tightening the skin. Thanks to the innovative mechanism of action, the patch Kontraktubeks normalizes the process of scar formation, making it soft, smooth, less noticeable.

1. The effect of occlusion (bandages): Soft and air micro pillow is specially designed to reduce transepidermal loss of moisture scar tissue with the purpose of creating a special moisture-saving environment on the damaged skin area. Additionally, a soft sponge-based material protects the damaged area of ​​the skin. 2. Release of ingredients: Active ingredient release matrix contains Tsepalin and Allantoin, which are gradually released when plaster is applied for 6-12 hours.

Active components

Allantoin - promotes healing and reduces itching.

E onion extract - reduces the release of proinflammatory mediators in the area of ​​application and has a bactericidal effect.


21 plaster (12x3 cm) provides treatment for large postoperative scars within 3 weeks. To treat small scars, the patch can be cut into small pieces suitable for the size of the scars. To treat scars larger than 12 cm, you can use more than one patch.


Merz, Germany


Form of issue

Kontraktubeks plaster is a thin, flexible and soft plate that can be used on all surfaces of the body.

Conditions of leave from pharmacies

No prescription

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