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Maraslavin solution 100ml (paradentosis treatment)
Maraslavin solution 100ml (paradentosis treatment)
Product Code: 20834 Sopharma (Bulgaria)

Maraslavin solution 100ml (paradentosis treatment)

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Dosage form
Solution for local application muddy, red-brown, with an astringent-acidic flavor and odor; precipitates during storage

Pontic wormwood herb (Herba Artemisiae pontici) 4.196 g

savory herb (Herba Saturejae hortensis) 728 mg

buds allspice (Flores Caryophylli) 3.646 g

black pepper fruit (Fructus Piperis nigri) 1.199 g

zingibera rhizomes (Rhyzoma Zingiberis) 4.196 g

Other ingredients: ammonium chloride, vinegar, water

Pharmachologic effect
Combined phytopreparation for topical application in dentistry. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, astringent, local irritant and analgesic effect, improves tissue regeneration.

At the beginning of the course of treatment using the product causes irritation, congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane of the gums. Hypertensive Maraslavina solution promotes removal of gum pockets of toxic degradation products. Then the increase in the number of collagen fibers observed, gum tissue compacted, formed a new epithelium, restored the normal structure of the gums and periodontal happening strengthening the link with the cement of the tooth root.

In the treatment of hemorrhagic form of periodontal disease occurs first decrease swelling and bleeding gums, gum color becomes pale and then a pale pink gum structure is sealed, gingival papillae are flat out and gradually pressed against the neck of the tooth to podemalevo-cement border. Gingival pockets are reduced or disappear.

When purulent form of periodontal disease in the early days of an increase in the amount of purulent exudate, then gradually the amount is reduced to extinction. Papilla resolve, gum edges aligned and tightly pressed to the teeth. There is a stabilization of loose teeth

Data on the pharmacokinetics of the drug Maraslavin not available.

Side effects
Perhaps: allergic reactions.

When imposing tight tampons possible low-grade fever, caused by violation of the outflow of purulent exudate, which disappears on its own after removal of tampons

sale Properties
No prescription

Special conditions
The patient is recommended to take vitamin-rich foods and supplementation of vitamins A and C.

During treatment should not eat spicy and irritating foods (garlic, onions, nuts).

During therapy Maraslavinom should not brush your teeth with a toothbrush with toothpaste or use mouthwash disinfectant liquid. It is necessary to rinse your mouth with cool water in the morning and evening.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure.

- Hemorrhagic form of periodontitis with alveolar pockets;

- Purulent form of periodontal disease (in the complex therapy);

- Post-operative period in the surgical treatment of periodontal disease

Hypersensitivity to the drug