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Ovesol N40 tab.
Ovesol N40 tab.
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Ovesol N40 tab.

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Dosage form

The extract of oats, turmeric extract, immortelle extract, mint extract

Pharmachologic effect
The liver is the largest gland of the human body and performs many functions, the most important of which is a barrier (detoxification). It happens neutralization of toxic compounds as formed in the body and coming from outside. Wrong diet, alcohol, stress, obesity, intake of certain drugs, lead to abnormal liver function, including detoxification function. As a result, the liver is not able to neutralize toxins, and they re-enter the blood spread throughout the body and poison it.

To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, you need to correct the problem - you need to effective cleansing of the liver and restore its function. Cleansing the liver - a complex process. Therefore, means for the purification must be complex. Only in this case, you can count on a significant positive result. However, it is important that the purification was not only effective, but gentle, so as not to harm the body.

All these requirements are met by herbal remedy, specially designed for the purification of the liver - "Ovesol". "Ovesol" - a true "bouquet" of the most valuable plants, prepared by special technology. Infusing your diet with biologically active plant substances can achieve results in the most natural way for the body. The complex structure of "Ovesol" hood oat milk stage in conjunction with the choleretic herbs and turmeric oil. The efficiency of these plants proved over the years. Each of them has its effect, and together they provide an integrated effect.

"Ovesol" literally "washes" the liver from toxins, eliminate stagnation of bile, which prevents the formation kamney1. "Ovesol" will help cleanse the liver gently, without any harm to the body and without hassle.

Already after the first course of purification "Ovesol» liver will "work" light. This liver cleansing will benefit the entire body: health and enough strength for the whole year!

"Ovesol" - gentle chistka® liver from toxins.

As the liver indicates that she is intoxicated:

- The appearance of pain in the right upper quadrant,

- Formation of gases

- Nausea after a fatty meal,

- Accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thighs,

- Bad breath,

- The tendency to depression,

- Inability to concentrate,

- fast fatiguability,

- Chronic acne - inflammation and pimples on the face - very often the direct consequence of a violation of the barrier function of the liver.

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