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Sodium hyaluronat | Artelaс Splash 10ml
Sodium hyaluronat | Artelaс Splash 10ml
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Sodium hyaluronat | Artelaс Splash 10ml

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Release form

 Artelaс Splash. Solution.


In a plastic bottle 10 ml. In the package 1 bottle.

Pharmacological action

Artelac splash Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is a natural moisturizer with a high ability to bind to water.

The tear fluid consists of three layers that provide the surface of the eye with nutrients, form a protective lubricating barrier between the eyelid and the cornea, and also ensure their normal functioning and clear vision. The natural tear film is distributed over the surface of the eye with each blink, protecting the eyes from drying out and contributing to the healing of superficial corneal lesions.

If the tear film is unbalanced, you may experience a feeling of dryness, burning, a foreign body in the eye, irritation, and redness of the eye, a feeling of fatigue, and in some cases, lacrimation.

 Artelaс Splash moisturizes the eyes for a long time and helps stabilize the tear film to ensure a healthy surface of the eye.

Crystal clear moisturizing ophthalmic solution.

does not contain preservatives.


The solution can be used within 3 months after the first application.

Contains hyaluronic acid - a natural polymer that is part of the natural tear film of a healthy human eye.

Ideal for wearing soft and hard contact lenses all day long.


For intensive and long-lasting hydration with severe dry eyes caused by: Lifestyle, exposure to environmental factors such as prolonged use of the computer and, as a result, occasional blinking, staying in an air-conditioned room, cigarette smoke, strong wind.

Systemic diseases, surgical interventions on the eye, or certain medications, such as birth control, antihistamines, beta-blockers, antispasmodics, diuretics.

To eliminate the discomfort of wearing hard and soft contact lenses.


Hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up the solution (local allergic reactions that occur in rare cases). In such cases, the use of the drug should be discontinued.

Special instructions

Do not use if the vial is damaged.

Do not allow the tip of the vial to touch the eye or touch it with your fingers to prevent contamination of the solution.

Close the vial with a cap after each use.


Hyaluronic acid in the form of sodium salt (sodium hyaluronate) - 2.4 mg, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, water for injection.

Dosage and administration

It is recommended to instill  Artelaс Splash in the conjunctival sac of each eye, 1 drop as needed.

Every time before applying the solution, remove the protective cap of the vial. Do not touch the tip of the bottle with your fingers.

Place your thumb and forefinger on the round plate of the dispenser near the tip of the bottle, and put the little finger on the bottom of the bottle. With your fingers in the middle, you can support the bottle on the sides.

Before using the blower for the first time, press the dispenser plate about 7 times, before the first drop appears.

To instill the solution, tilt your head back and hold the bottle over your eye as you feel comfortable. Gently pull the lower eyelid with your free hand, hold the bottle upright and lightly press the dispenser plate. After that, close your eyes and slowly move your eyes in all directions so that the drop spreads over the surface of the eye.

You can help yourself with the other hand for greater accuracy, if you feel this is necessary.

Recommendations for wearing contact lenses

When wearing soft and hard lenses, you can instill  Artelaс Splash Uno in the conjunctival sac of the eye without removing the lenses.

Drug interaction

In case of combined use with ophthalmic preparations, it is recommended to observe a pause of at least 15 minutes between instillation of  Artelaс Splash solution and the use of eye drops.

Eye ointments should always be applied after instillation of the solution  Artelaс Splash.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature of + 1 РC to + 25 РC.


2 years. Use within 3 months after opening the vial.

Deystvuyuschee substances

Sodium hyaluronat

Conditions of release from drugstores

Without prescription

Wae Lederle, USA p19 d19f9f19. mania