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Vismed hydrogel ophthalmic 0.3% 0.45 ml 20 pcs
Vismed hydrogel ophthalmic 0.3% 0.45 ml 20 pcs
Product Code: 778

Vismed hydrogel ophthalmic 0.3% 0.45 ml 20 pcs

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in 0.3 ml dropper tubes (1 monodose), in a cassette 5 dropper tubes in a carton pack 4 cassettes of 5 dropper tubes in 2 hermetically sealed sterile bags.

Indications of

dry eye syndrome and / or: sensation of itching, irritation, foreign body, sand, redness of the eye, increased or decreased tear production, poor visual performance by evening, eye fatigue caused by dust, smoke, excessive air dryness, air conditioning, computer monitor, wearing contact lenses and other factors

corneal erosion

burns and eye injuries

keratitis of various etiologies

dystrophic diseases of the cornea

before and after surgery

corneal therapy in the treatment of inflammatory eye diseases.


Individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Special instructions

If it is necessary to use it together with other ophthalmic agents, it is recommended to observe intervals of at least 30 minutes between instillation of Wizmed and other eye drops. The use of eye ointments is permissible after 30 minutes after instillation of Wymed.


hydrogel ophthalmic 0.18% 1 ml

sodium hyaluronate 0.30 mg

excipients: sodium potassium chloride intal bicarbonate sodium phosphate magnesium citrate calcium chloride chloride purified water

hypoosmolar solution (150 mOsm / l), pH 7.3 does not contain preservatives

Dosing and Administration

Open the container by twisting the breakaway cap clockwise.

Tilt your head back, place the dropper of the container over the eye and pull the lower eyelid down with the index finger of one hand. Press lightly on the container and drip 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac of the eye, unless otherwise recommended.

When blinking, the liquid will evenly spread over the surface of the eye.

VISMED® (VIZMED®) can be buried while wearing any type of contact lens (hard or soft) without removing them during instillation.

Drug Interactions

It is not recommended to use VISMED® (WIZMED®) with other ophthalmic agents at the same time, as this may affect their effectiveness.

Storage conditions

Do not store above 25 РC out of the reach of children! Do not freeze.

The product is transported by all means of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with local legislation and the rules of carriage of goods, operating on each mode of transport, at a temperature below 25 C. Do not freeze.


3 years.

Pharmacy terms

Without a prescription

lekarstvennaja form

gel ophthalmologic

TRB Chemedika AG, Germany