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Vismed Light hydrogel ophthalmic 0.1% 15 ml
Vismed Light hydrogel ophthalmic 0.1% 15 ml
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Vismed Light hydrogel ophthalmic 0.1% 15 ml

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Latin name


Release form

Ophthalmic hydrogel


in 15 ml plastic dropper bottles.

Pharmacological action

Sodium hyaluronate is a natural polymer that is present in the tissues of the human eye. The effect of VISMED® light (WIZMED® light) is associated with the property of viscoelasticity and the ability of sodium hyaluronate to bind and retain water. VISMED® light (VIZMED® light) is characterized by high viscosity in the absence of blinking movements and low viscosity at the time of blinking, which ensures its effective distribution over the surface of the eye, preventing “dryness” and eye irritation.

Sodium hyaluronate has an affinity for tear mucoglycoprotein, which increases the stability of the tear film.

VISMED® light (WIZMED® light), like tear fluid, contains calcium, magnesium and potassium ions, which are necessary to maintain the normal structure and function of the cornea of ​​the eye. The inclusion of sodium citrate in VISMED® light (WIZMED® light) helps maintain the viscoelastic properties of the product in the presence of other ions and avoid precipitation.

The leading mechanism in the development of dry eye syndrome is tear hyperosmolarity and tear film instability. VISMED® light (WIZMED® light), due to its hypotonicity, is able to compensate for the hyperosmolarity of the

tear. VISMED® light (WIZMED® light) promotes regeneration of superficial keratitis by increasing cell migration.

Thanks to its unique combination of components, VISMED® light (VIZMED® light) provides long-term protection of the cornea and alleviates the symptoms of dry eye by restoring the normal properties of the tear film.


VISMED® light ophthalmic solution (VIZMED® light) in a 15 ml multi-dose dropper bottle is used to eliminate the sensation of “dryness” and irritation of the eyes in the presence of “dry eye” syndrome and / or damage to the anterior surface of the eye with superficial keratitis and Sjögren’s syndrome, with the primary dry eye syndrome. And also to moisturize the surface of the eyes when complaining of a feeling of "dry" eyes, a feeling of a "foreign body" in the eye, eye fatigue caused by wearing hard or soft contact lenses, prolonged use of the computer, being in an air-conditioned room, dust, exposure to dry air, wind or cold.


Hypersensitivity to one of the components of the solution.

Special instructions

Avoid contact of the tip of the open container with the surface of the eye and hands. After opening the bottle, the solution can be used for 3 months, since the composition of VISMEDВ® light (WIZMEDВ® light) is carefully balanced and ensures the sterility of the solution for the above time. After using VISMEDВ® light (WIZMEDВ® light), screw the cap clockwise until it stops.

Otherwise, the manufacturer does not guarantee the sterility of the solution, as the risk of infection increases. In case of visible damage to the container, do not use VISMED® light (WIZMED® light). When, if after instillation of VISMED® light (VIZMED® light) complaints of “dryness” and eye irritation persist, you should consult your doctor.


Active ingredient: sodium hyaluronate 1 mg / ml

Excipients: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium citrate, water for injection.

Preservatives: disodium edetate, polyhexanide.

Directions for use and dose

Before first use, turn the screw cap of the vial counterclockwise until the seal ring is completely detached.

Tilt your head back, place the dropper of the container over the eye and pull the lower eyelid down with the index finger of one hand. Press lightly on the container and drip 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac of the eye, unless otherwise recommended. When blinking, the liquid is evenly distributed over the surface of the eye, forming a protective coating on the surface of the eye.

Preservatives in VISMED® light (WIZMED® light) are not toxic, so the solution can be instilled when wearing any type of contact lenses (hard or soft) without removing them during instillation.

Side effects of

In very rare cases, irritation of the conjunctiva, feelings of a “foreign body” in the eye, redness or burning of the eyes, and short-term “blurring” of vision are possible.

Drug Interactions

It is not recommended to use VISMED® light (WIZMED® light) with other ophthalmic agents at the same time, as this may affect their effectiveness.

Storage conditions

Keep out of the reach and sight of children! Store below 25 РC. Do not freeze.

The product is transported by all means of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with local legislation and the rules of carriage of goods, operating on each mode of transport, at a temperature below 25 C. Do not freeze.


2 years when stored in original packaging and 3 months after opening. The expiry date is stated on the packaging. Do not use the expired product! The product is sterile! The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product throughout the Expiration.

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