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VitA-Pos 5 g
VitA-Pos 5 g
Product Code: 824
Latin name


Release form

VitA-Pos ophthalmic. Ointment.


In an aluminum tube 5 g means. In the package 1 tube.

Pharmacological action

Means for moisturizing, lubricating and protecting the cornea.

Evenly distributed and held for a long time on the cornea, VitA-POS helps to improve the condition of the tear film and thereby reliably protects the cornea from drying out.

Vitamin A contained in the product is a natural component of the tear film and gives the product a gentle oily consistency, which ensures its full mixing with a natural tear and good tolerance to the product.

The use of VitA-POS promotes the rapid disappearance of subjective symptoms of burning, dryness, eye discomfort.


Improves the condition of the tear film and protects the ocular surface, helping to eliminate discomfort when you feel dry, foreign body feeling, burning in the eyes, including those caused by:

Climatic factors, such as, air conditioning in a car, in an airplane, wind, cold, intense solar radiation, environmentally unhealthy air or cigarette smoke

Intense visual stress, for example, when using a computer, camera for a long time, when spending time in front of a TV, driving in the night, with prolonged use of contact lenses

Special instructions

VitA-POS should not be used when wearing contact lenses. It is recommended to use the product after removing the lenses.

Using VitA-POS may lead to a slight deterioration in visual acuity, therefore, it is recommended to use it before bedtime.

When using VitA-POS, contact should be made between the tip of the tube and the surface of the eye and skin.

Effect on the ability to drive vehicles and control mechanisms

Immediately after using VitA-POS, a short-term visual acuity disorder may occur, leading to a slowdown in mental and physical reactions. Therefore, it is not recommended to use VitA-POS immediately before working with mechanisms and driving vehicles.

Composition of

1 g of an ophthalmic lubricant contains: active ingredient: vitamin A palmitate 250 IU,

Excipients: liquid in white liquid .

Dosage and administration

A strip of the drug 1 cm long is placed in the conjunctival sac 1-3 times / day. The frequency of use of the agent is set individually, as necessary and as recommended by an ophthalmologist. The use of VitA-POS before bedtime is recommended.

The duration of treatment is not limited.

Drug Interactions

VitA-PIC should not be used concurrently with other ophthalmic agents. In cases where joint use cannot be avoided, it is recommended that VitA-POS be used 30 minutes after using another agent.

Storage conditions

The drug should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 РC.

The Expiration of

is 3 years. After the autopsy - 12 weeks.

Active substance

Retinol palmitate

Ursafarm Arzneimittel, Germany