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Detralex 500 mg N60 tabs
Detralex 500 mg N60 tabs
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Detralex 500 mg N60 tabs

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Indications for use

Detralex is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of chronic venous diseases (elimination and relief of symptoms).

Therapy for symptoms of venous lymphatic insufficiency:

  • pain
  • cramps of the lower extremities
  • feeling of heaviness and fullness in the legs
  • tiredness" of the legs.
  • Therapy of manifestations of venous-lymphatic insufficiency:
  • swelling of the lower extremities
  • trophic changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • venous trophic ulcers.

Symptomatic therapy of acute and chronic hemorrhoids.

Contraindications for use

Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or excipients of the drug.

It is not recommended to take the drug for lactating women.


Pharmacological action:

Detralex possesses venotonic and angioprotective properties.

The drug reduces the distensibility of veins and venous stasis, reduces capillary permeability and increases their resistance.

The results of clinical studies confirm the pharmacological activity of the drug in relation to the parameters of venous hemodynamics.

The statistically significant dose-dependent effect of Detralex was demonstrated for the following venous plethysmographic parameters: venous capacity, venous extensibility, and venous emptying time.

The optimal dose-response ratio is observed with 2 tablets.

Detralex increases venous tone: with the help of venous occlusive plethysmography, a decrease in the time of venous emptying has been shown.

In patients with signs of severe microcirculation disorders, after therapy with Detralex, an increase in capillary resistance, assessed by the method of angiostereometry, is noted (statistically significant, compared with placebo).

The therapeutic efficacy of Detralex has been proven in the treatment of chronic diseases of the veins of the lower extremities, as well as in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The drug undergoes active metabolism, as evidenced by the presence of phenolic acids in the urine.


It is excreted from the body mainly with feces.

With urine, on average, about 14% of the taken amount of the drug is excreted.

T1 / 2 is 11 hours


The drug is prescribed inside.

The recommended dose for venous lymphatic insufficiency is 2 tablets / day (for 1 or 2 doses): in the morning, afternoon and / or evening, during meals.

The duration of the course of treatment can be several months (up to 12 months).

In case of recurrence of symptoms, on the recommendation of a doctor, the course of treatment can be repeated.

The recommended dose for acute hemorrhoids is 6 tablets / day: 3 tablets each.

in the morning and 3 tab.

in the evening for 4 days, then - 4 tab. / day: 2 tab.

in the morning and by

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Clinical and pharmacological group

Venotonic and venoprotective drug

Storage conditions and periods

At a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.

Expiration date: 4 years

INN / Active ingredient

Hesperidin, Diosmin

Release form, composition and packaging

Orange-pink film-coated tablets, oval

at the fracture - from pale yellow to yellow, heterogeneous structure.

1 tab.

purified micronized flavonoid fraction

500 mg,



450 mg (90%)

flavonoids in terms of hesperidin

50 mg (10%)

gelatin - 31 mg, magnesium stearate - 4 mg, microcrystalline cellulose - 62 mg, sodium carboxymethyl starch - 27 mg, talc - 6 mg, purified water - 20 mg.

The composition of the film shell: macrogol 6000 - 0.710 mg, sodium lauryl sulfate - 0.033 mg, a premix for a film shell of orange-pink color (glycerol - 0.415 mg, magnesium stearate - 0.415 mg, hypromellose - 6.886 mg, iron dye yellow oxide - 0.161 mg, dye iron oxide red - 0.054 mg, titanium dioxide - 1.326 mg).

14 pcs.

- blisters (2) - cardboard packs.

14 pcs.

- blisters (4) - cardboard packs.

15 pcs.

- blisters (2) - cardboard packs.

15 pcs.

- blisters (4) - packs of cardboard.