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Derinat 0.25% spray 10ml
Derinat 0.25% spray 10ml
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Derinat 0.25% spray 10ml

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Derinat is an immunomodulator.

Form of issue and composition

Issued by:

  • Derinat solution for local and external use 0,25%, colorless, transparent, free of foreign inclusions. In 1 ml of the drug contains the active component - sodium deoxyribonucleate 2.5 mg. As an auxiliary component acts sodium chloride 1 mg. You can buy the solution in bottles-droppers or glass bottles of 10 ml;
  • Derinat solution for intramuscular injection 1,5% colorless, transparent, free of foreign inclusions. In 1 ml of the solution contains 15 mg of sodium deoxyribonucleate and 1 mg of sodium chloride. In bottles of 5 ml.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Derinat solution 0.25% is indicated for:

  • Acute respiratory viral infections;
  • Rinitach;
  • Trophic ulcers;
  • Sinusitah;
  • Burns;
  • Gangrene;
  • Obliterating diseases of the feet;
  • Frostbites;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Inflammatory diseases of mucous membranes of the oral cavity, vagina, nose, rectum;
  • Infected wounds;
  • Long-term non-healing wounds (including diabetes mellitus).

Derinat solution of 1.5% is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Stimulation of hemopoiesis;
  • Radiation damage;
  • Stomatitis caused by taking cytotoxic drugs;
  • Cardiac ischemia;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Myelodepression and resistance to cytotoxic agents in cancer patients, developed as a result of radiation or cytostatic therapy (reduction of myelo- and cardiotoxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs, stabilization of hemopoiesis);
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Endometritis;
  • Burn disease;
  • Odontogenic sepsis, complications of purulent-septic character;
  • For a long time, unhealed wounds, trophic ulcers;
  • As a monotherapy in surgical practice before and after surgery;
  • Obliterating diseases of the vessels of the legs 2-3 degrees;
  • Mycoplasmosis, ureplasmosis, chlamydia;
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • Obstructive lung diseases of chronic course.


According to the instructions, Derinat has no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity to the active components of the medication.

A solution for intravenous administration is not prescribed during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Dosing and Administration

Solution Derinat 0.25% for the prevention of SARS is prescribed in a dose of 2 drops in each nostril 2-4 times a day. In the presence of symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, the solution is instilled in the nose every 1-1.5 hours.

With sinusitis and rhinitis, Derinath is digested in each nostril with 3-5 drops to 6 times a day. It is also possible to insert a tampon into the nostril for 10 minutes.

With inflammatory diseases of the mouth, the mouth rinses with a solution up to 6 times a day.

In gynecological practice, the solution is used as a syringe, or a tampon impregnated with a solution is injected into the vagina. Rectal application of Derinata is carried out with the help of microclysters in a dose of 15-40 ml of the solution. The duration of therapy is up to 10 days.

In ophthalmology, Derinath is injected in the eye with 1-2 drops to three times a day for 0.5-1.5 months.

With obliterating diseases of the legs, the solution is instilled into the nostrils 1-2 drops, up to 6 times a day, in order to achieve a systemic effect. Duration of the drug - 6 months.

In case of damage to the skin, long-term non-healing wounds, burns, etc., the solution is applied to the affected areas up to 4 times a day. Simultaneously, intranasal application of the drug to 1-2 drops was shown up to 6 times a day.

For adults, a solution of Derinate for intramuscular administration is prescribed at a dose of 75 mg (1 ampoule 5 ml). The interval of administration is 1-3 days.

With ischemic heart disease, 10 injections of the drug are shown with an interval of 2-3 days. With ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, 5 injections of Derinata are prescribed at intervals of 2 days. With prostatitis and myoma of the uterus, 10 injections of Derinata with an interval of 1-2 days are shown, oncopathologies - 3-10 injections with an interval of 1-3 days, chronic inflammatory processes - 5 injections with an interval of 1 day and 5 more injections with an interval of 3 days (10 total Injections), tuberculosis - 10-15 injections with an interval of 1-2 days, acute inflammatory diseases - 3-5 injections with an interval of 1-3 days.

Children under 2 years of age Derinat is indicated in a dose of 7.5 mg (1/2 ampoule), 2-10 years - at a rate of 0.5 ml for each year of life.

Side effects

The use of Derinat in most cases is tolerated well by patients and does not cause side effects. Local reactions in the form of moderate soreness at the site of administration are not excluded.

Also hypoglycemia may occur (in particular, in diabetes mellitus). In some cases, short-term hyperthermia may develop within 1-3 hours after administration, which is stopped by the intake of symptomatic agents.

special instructions

Derinat for local and external use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended, except when the expected benefit of the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus or child. The action of Derinata for external and topical application during pregnancy and lactation was not thoroughly studied.

Intravenous introduction of Derinata is strictly prohibited. In order to reduce pain when intramuscular injection, the drug should be administered slowly, for 1-2 minutes.

Before the injection of Derinat, the ampoule with medicament is recommended to be heated in the palm to room temperature.

The combination of Derinat with other medicines can enhance its therapeutic effect. Combined application of Derinat with anticoagulants intensify the effect of the latter. The drug is incompatible with ointments on fat basis.

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