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Ergoferon N20 tab
Ergoferon N20 tab
Product Code: ergoferon-n20 Materia Medica Holding

Ergoferon N20 tab

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Medicine "Ergoferon" belongs to the category of immunostimulants, has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antihistamines and antiviral properties.

pharmacological properties 

Instructions for use reports that the drug has antibodies that significantly increase the body's resistance to various pathogenic infections.The tool reduces the tone of smooth muscles, and bronchial mucosal edema, provides obstacle to the development of allergic reactions.A good part of the drug gives him antihistamines and antiviral activity.Preparation produced in the form of tablets that are designed for resorption.


Instructions for use indicates that the tablet is indicated for the prevention and treatment of various viral and bacterial pathologies.Means use with different forms of influenza, including avian and swine.The drug is used in acute respiratory illnesses caused by adenovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza. With the help of medication therapy

produce infectious mononucleosis, herpes, genital, oral herpes, chicken pox, ophthalmoherpes.The drug is used in the tick-borne encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever, foot and mouth and other types of meningitis.In the combined therapy pill taken for treatment of pneumonia various etiology, yersiniosis, pertussis, pseudotuberculosis and other bacterial infections.

overdose and side effects 

Instructions for use informs that negative effects are usually absent.Very rarely allergic reactions appear to occur as a result of intolerance to medication.In that case therapy is canceled.In case of overdose can occur exacerbation of symptoms of dyspepsia appear constipation, vomiting, diarrhea , and nausea.The dangers to the life of the patient data displays do not appear to require a dose adjustment.Contraindications include individual sensitivity to the drug.

instructions for use

medicine taken by mouth, apart from eating.The tablet is recommended to keep in the mouth without swallowing, until completely dissolved.The tool can be given to children ranging from six months.Kids up to three years is needed to dissolve the drug in one tablespoon brought to room temperature boiled water.Therapy should be initiated at the first symptoms of acute infection.In the first 2 hours, the tablets "Ergoferon" need to be taken every 30 minutes.After the first day of using the drug use three times at regular intervals.On the second day of treatment agent is used three times a day one capsule until recovery was complete.The medication is used prophylactically once two tablets.The duration of prophylaxis can be up to six months.