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Polyoxidonium (azoximer bromide) suppositories vaginal and rectal 12 mg, 10 pcs.
Polyoxidonium (azoximer bromide) suppositories vaginal and rectal 12 mg, 10 pcs.
Product Code: polyoxidonium-(azoximeri-bromidum)-supp-12mg-n10

Polyoxidonium (azoximer bromide) suppositories vaginal and rectal 12 mg, 10 pcs.

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Active substance

Azoximer bromide

Amount in a package


Dosage form

rectal suppositories


Petrovax Pharm, Russia


Composition per suppository:

Active substance: Bovihaluronidase azoxime (Longidase®) - 3000 IU

Additive: cocoa butter - until a suppository of 1.3 g

Description: Suppositories torpedo-shaped, light yellow color with a weak specific odor of cocoa butter, marble staining is allowed.


Adults and adolescents over 12 years of age in the form of monotherapy and as part of complex therapy of diseases accompanied by hyperplasia of connective tissue, including against the background of the inflammatory process:

  • in urology: chronic prostatitis, interstitial cystitis, stricture of urethra and ureter, Peyronie's disease, initial stage of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prevention of scar formation and strictures after surgical interventions on the urethra, bladder, ureters;
  • in gynecology: adhesive process (prevention and treatment) in a small pelvis with chronic inflammatory diseases of the internal genital organs, after gynecological manipulations, including artificial abortions, previous surgical interventions on pelvic organs; intrauterine synechia, tubal peritoneal infertility, chronic endomyometritis;
  • in dermatovenerology: limited scleroderma, prevention of fibrotic complications of sexually transmitted infections;
  • in surgery: prevention and treatment of adhesions after surgical interventions on the abdominal organs; long-term non-healing wounds;
  • in pulmonology and phthisiology: pneumofibrosis, siderosis, tuberculosis (cavernous-fibrous, infiltrative, tuberculoma), interstitial pneumonia, fibrosing alveolitis, pleurisy;
  • to increase the bioavailability of antibiotic therapy in urology, gynecology, dermatovenereology, surgery, pulmonology, etc.