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Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Vetom 4 - 50 capsules
Product Code: Vetom 4-50

Vetom 4 - 50 capsules

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Probiotic bacteria - Bacillus licheniformis strain VKPM B 7038 and filling - corn extract, potato starch, sucrose,
pharmachologic effect
The active substance Vetom 4 is recommended as an additional source of probiotic microorganisms for the improvement of the human body.

Curative effect is provided by the properties of bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, which multiply mainly in the small intestine, secrete proteolytic, amylolytic, cellulolytic enzymes, biologically active substances that inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora. As a result of this process in the gut microbial composition is normalized to the corresponding evolutionary established norm, its walls are cleaned from the indigestible residue of food that promotes active removal of toxins from the body, the smooth delivery of biologically active and nutrients. Under the influence normalized Vetom 4: digestion, absorption and metabolism of iron, calcium, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, triglycerides, amino acids, dipeptides, sugars, bile salts, acidity of the medium in the gastrointestinal tract. Application Vetom 4 helps the body to maintain human health.
Side effects
Before the drug Vetom may experience pain in the affected parts of the body.
sale Properties
Without license
Special conditions
Vetom 2 Vetom 3, 4 Vetom similar in operating principle. As the active principle in various microorganisms are used, which are active in different parts of the intestine and produce a range of different environmental biologically active substances. In this regard, their net impact on the human body is different. you must in turn apply all Vetom and choose the best for yourself preparation for maximum effect of a positive impact.
Vetom 4 Bacillus licheniformis strain VKPM B 7038 -preparat used for correction, restoration and preservation of microcenosis in a thin section of the gastrointestinal tract at dysbacteriosis, and after a course of antibiotics as a preventive and therapeutic agent for additional cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis, colitis, gastroehnterokolitah, constipation, dysentery, gastro-ulcerous diseases, polyps, chronic enteritis, enterocolitis; to normalize the lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body; to suppress the growth and development of chlamydia.

Since everyone in the intestine, there is only his inherent level of PH, and the set of beneficial microorganisms (and harmful) is strictly individual. Therefore, to determine in advance which one will be most effective Vetom can only empirically, and it is better to use in the complex
The drug is not recommended for patients with diabetes and allergies to hay bacillus.
Drug interactions
Not used together with antibiotics and other medications based on probiotic microorganisms
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