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Dimexid gel 30 g
Dimexid gel 30 g
Product Code: dimexid-30

Dimexid gel 30 g

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Dimexidum (dimethyl sulfoxide), 25.0 g

Excipients: methyl parahydroxybenzoate (nipagine) 0.050 g, propyl parahydroxybenzoate (nipazol) 0,013 g, sodium carmellose (carboxymethylcellulose sodium), 2.0 g purified water and 100.0 g

Pharmachologic effect

The anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic and local anti-inflammatory action. It has a mild antiseptic and anti-fibrinolytic effect.

Dimethyl sulfoxide inhibits inflammatory infiltration of tissues. Furthermore, dimethylsulfoxide fibrin contributes to the normalization process. Dimethylsulfoxide enhances microcirculation in tissues by inhibiting the aggregation of red blood cells increases the phagocyte activity inhibits chemotaxis of neutrophils and reduces the circulating immune complexes. It penetrates through the skin, mucous membranes, the cell wall of bacteria (increases their sensitivity to antibiotics) and other biological membranes, increases the permeability of drugs. The drug has low toxicity


In applications dimethylsulfoxide drug detected in the serum after 8-15 minutes, and the maximum content observed after 2-8 hours. Typically, after 30-36 hours in serum dimethylsulfoxide no longer detected. DMSO does not accumulates. The local application of the drug in dimethyl sulfoxide penetrates the joint cavity, blood and tissues associated with the protein. Dimethyl sulfoxide excreted through the kidney unchanged, and in the form of oxidation products - dimethyl sulfone and dimethyl sulfate; as well as a reduced product (dimethyl) excreted in expired air.

Side effects

In applying the drug may experience contact dermatitis, garlic odor of expired air, increased pigmentation of the skin, allergic reactions, erythematous rash, dry skin, a slight burning sensation. Some patients do not take the smell of the drug (nausea, retching), and in rare cases possible bronchospasm.

If any of these instructions side effects are compounded or you notice any other side effects not mentioned in the instructions, inform your doctor.

Sale Properties

No prescription

Special conditions

Given the possibility of individual intolerance of the drug, the dosage recommended test for tolerance to it. To this thin layer of gel is applied to the skin of the elbow. The appearance of a sharp redness and itching indicates hypersensitivity to Dimexidum.

If you encounter in the course of treatment of allergic reactions, stop using the product, assign blockers H1-histamine receptors


Apply for pain at the complex therapy of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, deforming osteoarthritis, arthropathy, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, etc., For the treatment of bruises, ligament damage, traumatic infiltrations, for the treatment of erythema nodosum


Hypersensitivity to Dimexidum or other components of the drug, pregnancy, lactation, severe liver and kidney failure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis expressed, various types of stroke, glaucoma, cataracts, coma, children under 12 let.nii renal function.

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