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Finalgon Cream 20gr
Finalgon Cream 20gr
Product Code: 20811

Finalgon Cream 20gr

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Composition In 1 g of ointment contains: nonivamide (Vanillilamid nonyl acid) (P5VA) \ 00094 mg nikoboksil (Butoxyethyl ester of nicotinic acid) (NSBE) 25 mg Excipients Diisopropyl adipate (Krodamol) 120 mg; colloidal silicon dioxide 20 mg; Vaseline (paraffin, soft white), 822 mg of sorbic acid, 2 mg, 2 citronella oil mg purified water 5 mg. testimony Arthritis rheumatic pain in joints and muscles, sports injuries, bruises and damaged ligaments, muscle pain caused by excessive physical exertion, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, bursitis, tenosynovitis, acute nonspecific pain in the lower back. For preliminary "warm-up" the muscles before exercise, sports competitions. In the combined vasodilator therapy in disorders of peripheral circulation.
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