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Testogenon 0,5 N30
Testogenon 0,5 N30
Product Code: Testogenon-30

Testogenon 0,5 N30

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1 capsule contains:

active substances: L-Arginine (L-arginine), Pygeum africanum corticis extract (extract of the piejum cortex); Vitamin C (vitamin C); Vitamin E (vitamin E); Dioscoreae nipponicae rhizomatumcum radicibus extract (extract of the roots of wild yam), Corynanthe yohimbe (yohimbe, bark extract), Vitamin B5 (vitamin B5), Ginseng extract siccum (extract of ginseng root); Vitamin B6 (vitamin B6), Vitamin B12 (vitamin B12).

auxiliary substances: magnesium stearate, magnesium oxide

pharmachologic effect

The components of the natural complex for men "Testogenone" stimulate the production of their own testosterone in the body, returning the level of this hormone to the limits of healthy norm, which helps to restore and increase potency and improve reproductive health. The action of plant extracts is enhanced by vitamins and arginine. "Testogenone ™" can be used to restore sexual function in men after having transmitted infectious and inflammatory diseases, for the prevention of adverse effects on the reproductive function of harmful environmental factors, including vibration, ionizing radiation, the toxic effect of alcohol and the intake of certain medications.

Biologically active substances of the drug "Testogenone" contribute to maintaining and maintaining at an optimal level the functional activity of the male reproductive system in adulthood and the elderly, alleviating the symptoms of the menopausal period, preventing erectile dysfunction of various origin, improving the quality of sperm counts, restoring testicular functions in infertility, well-being, increased libido, mental and physical performance. When taking "Testogenone" reduces fatigue, irritability and sweating.

L-arginine is an amino acid that has a beneficial effect on the health of the prostate and actively participates in the sexual organs (indirectly stimulates the release of testosterone in men). Especially rich in arginine are proteins of seminal fluid (up to 80%). Arginine helps to stimulate spermatogenesis, increase the number of spermatozoa and their mobility.

Extract of the bark yohimbe - strengthens the erection with a simultaneous increase in the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis. At the same time, it affects the cerebral cortex and subcortical centers, thereby removing the feeling of insecurity, stiffness, fear. Promotes increased libido, strength and duration of erection, increased sexual and emotional sensations during intimacy.

Extract of the pidgeon cortex - reduces stagnation of blood, reduces swelling and inflammation of the prostate, inhibits the development of aseptic inflammation, prevents excessive growth of fibroblasts in the prostate, stops the process of hyperplasia in the prostate gland, helps prevent the formation of tumor tissue, improves the function of the urinary system, increases the elasticity of the bladder, reduces frequency and facilitates the process of urination, prevents the occurrence of infection of the urino-genital organs, helps to establish a hormonal and normalizes the work of the reproductive system.

Extract of roots of dioscorea - tones up the hormonal system of the body and the organs of the genitourinary system in men. It has nutritional and adaptogenic properties, alleviates menopausal symptoms in men, is effective in the prevention and treatment (in complex therapy) of urinary incontinence; expands peripheral vessels, supports sexual energy, restores reproductive function, stabilizes the nervous system.

Extract of ginseng root - improves the function of the prostate gland and sexual activity, has a toning, restorative and stimulating properties. The active substances of ginseng actively influence the central nervous system, increase efficiency, reduce physical and mental fatigue, improve appetite and stimulate sexual function. In addition, ginseng improves the functional activity of the cardiovascular system and regulates the level of blood pressure.

Vitamin B6 - normalizes hormonal balance, increases immunity, improves heart function, restores the functioning of prostate cells. It plays an important role in the treatment of infertility and in the energy processes occurring in spermatozoa, especially when their mobility is reduced.

Vitamin B5 - is involved in the synthesis of hormones, in particular, testosterone. It is necessary to increase life expectancy. It plays an important role in the carbohydrate and fat metabolism, the synthesis of certain hormones. Vitamin B5 has a regulating effect on the nervous system and intestinal motility.

Vitamin B12 - is one of the substances necessary for the health of the reproductive organs of men, so, it is able to adjust the content of sperm in seminal fluid.

Vitamin C - is necessary for the normal functioning of the genital organs. Improves the body's resistance to harmful environmental factors.


The components of the complex contribute to:

  • preservation and maintenance at an optimum level of functional activity of the male reproductive system in mature and old age;
  • stimulating the synthesis of testosterone, restoring and improving the functions of the male reproductive system;
  • strengthening libido (sexual desire), increasing the duration of sexual intercourse, eliminating erectile dysfunction;
  • restoration of lost reproductive function;
  • stimulation of spermatogenesis, increased reproduction and motility of spermatozoa;
  • prevention and treatment in complex therapy of urinary incontinence (with weakness of the bladder);
  • relief of symptoms of transitional age in men (Klimakterium virille).


  • individual intolerance of components Testogenone,
  • increased nervous excitability,
  • insomnia,
  • arterial hypo- / hypertension,
  • disturbance of the rhythm of cardiac activity,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • marked violations of the liver and kidneys.

How to take, intake and dosage

Adults take 1 capsule in the afternoon with meals.

Duration of admission: 3-4 weeks. If necessary, the reception can be repeated. The drug can be taken 3-4 times a year.

Special instructions

Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Form of issue


Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

Shelf life

2 years.



Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Without recipe