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Shipping and payment updates

Current state:

Russian Post managed to restore intenational mail exchange. Parcels are delivered to EU and US as regular.

Delivery times for international shipments may be slightly increased.

We will try to maintain the ability to ship parcels in time and to provide any possible payment methods under the current EU and US sanctions.

We ship all orders placed. If You want to place an order, You can use one of the available payment methods.

All updates:

01/03: Shipping to US, UK, Canada and Australia is temporarily disabled.

03/03: We send all PP payment requests in Rubles by current Central Bank of RF exchange rate, until we will get detailed information about legal foreign currency usage from Paypal or from Central Bank. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

05/03: We accept Cryptocurrency only. Paypal site is down, no news and messages from them.

06/03: We lost Visa and Mastercard. Doesn't  affect our customers.

07/03: Still no updates on international logistics from Russian Post, u it seems they are redirecting parcels through Istanbul. 

07/03: We added Paysend payment method for regular customers, it works fast and secure.

12/03: Paypal and Paysend sevicel are no longer available.

12/03: The delivery situation has returned to normal. Parcels are being delivered to EU countries as usual.

We are currently shipping parcels as usual.