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Klenzit-C gel 1 + 10mg, 30 g
Klenzit-C gel 1 + 10mg, 30 g
Product Code: 892

Klenzit-C gel 1 + 10mg, 30 g

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Klenzit-C gel 1 + 10mg, 30 g

Acne. Before using it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Outwardly, before using the Klenzit-C gel, it is necessary to cleanse and dry the skin. With a light touch, evenly apply the gel to the affected surface once a day before going to bed, avoiding the contact of the gel in the eyes and lips.

The therapeutic effect develops in 1-4 weeks, the course of therapy is 2-4 weeks. Persistent improvement - after 3 months of treatment. Repeated courses of treatment after consulting a doctor.

The drug should be used only according to the method of administration and in those doses that are indicated in the instructions for use. With excessive application of the gel, the positive effect does not come faster.

Gel for external use    1 g
active substances:   
adapalene (micronized)    1 mg
clindamycin (as clindamycin phosphate)    10 mg
excipients: disodium edetate - 0.5 mg; carbomer 940 (carbopol 940) - 5.5 mg; propylene glycol - 80 mg; methyl parahydroxybenzoate - 1 mg; phenoxyethanol - 2.5 mg; poloxamer 407 - 1 mg; sodium hydroxide - 0.78 mg; purified water - up to 1 g   

hypersensitivity to drug components;


lactation period;

age up to 12 years (data on safety and effectiveness are not available).

With care: dermatitis; eczema; allergic diseases; simultaneous intake of muscle relaxants.