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Panavir rectal suppositories 0.2 mg N5
Panavir rectal suppositories 0.2 mg N5
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Panavir rectal suppositories 0.2 mg N5

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    1 suppository contains:
    Active ingredient: Panavir® (polysaccharides of Solatium tuberosum) 200 µg;
    auxiliary substances: confectionary fat or solid fat 1.0198 g, paraffin 0.0900 g, emulsifier T-2 0.0900 g.
    The weight of the suppository -1.2 g.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

    antiviral agent of plant origin


    Panavir® is the purified plant shoots extract of Solanum tuberosum; the main active ingredient is hexose glycoside consisting of glucose, rhamnose, arabinose, mannose, xylose, galactose, uronic acids.
    Panavir® is an antiviral and immunomodulatory agent.
    It increases nonspecific resistance to various infections and promotes induction of interferon alpha and gamma by blood leukocytes.
    It is well tolerated in therapeutic doses.
    Tests showed absence of mutagenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic, allergic and embryotoxic effects. In preclinical studies on laboratory animals no adverse effects on reproductive function and fetal development were found.
    It has anti-inflammatory properties in the model of experimental exudative edema.


    Pharmacokinetics of the drug have not been studied due to its chemical nature and low potency.


    - Herpesvirus infections of various localizations (including recurrent genital herpes, herpes zoster and ophthalmoherpes);
    - Secondary immunodeficiencies caused by infectious diseases;
    - Cytomegalovirus infection, including in patients with habitual pregnancy failure. Used in women with chronic viral infection and interferon deficiency in preparation for pregnancy;
    - Papillomavirus infection (anogenital warts) as part of complex therapy;
    - Tick-borne encephalitis to reduce the viral load and relieve neurological symptoms (anisoreflexia, decreased reflexes, painful exit points of cranial nerves, nystagmus) as part of the treatment;
    - Acute respiratory infections and influenza as part of the treatment.

Contraindications .

    - Hypersensitivity;
    - pregnancy;
    - lactation period;
    - childhood.
    Pregnancy and lactation:
    If it is necessary to use the drug during lactation, breastfeeding should be discontinued while taking the drug.

Dosage and administration method

    For treatment of herpes infections and tick-borne encephalitis use 1 suppository twice with intervals of 48 or 24 hours. If necessary, the treatment course may be repeated in 1 month.
    For the treatment of cytomegalovirus and papillomavirus infections use 1 suppository three times during the first week at 48-hour intervals and twice during the second week at 72-hour intervals.
    For treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza each suppository is used 1 suppository 24 hours apart for 5 days.

Side effects

    The drug is well tolerated, possible complications may be associated with individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to the drug.
    However, in the case of any undesirable side effects, stop injecting the drug and consult a physician.
    If you notice any other side effects not described in the instructions, inform your physician.


    No cases of overdose have been reported.
    The results of preclinical studies indicate low toxicity of the drug.

Drug interaction

    Not registered.


    Effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles and mechanisms:
    There are no data on possibility of negative effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles and to perform potentially dangerous activities requiring special attention and quick psychomotor reactions.

Storage temperature

    2℃ to 8℃