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Hofitol (chophytol)  N180
Hofitol (chophytol)  N180
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Hofitol (chophytol) N180

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Hofitol (chophytol)

HOFITOL (Chophytol)
Pharmacological Effects: The preparation plant with zhelchegonnym, hepatoprotective and diureticheskim effect reduces the urea in the blood. Contained in artichokes (Cynara scolymus), ascorbic acid, carotene, vitamins B1 and B2, coming to normalize metabolism in the body. Hofitol increases a coferments hepatocytes and influence the metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and ketonovyh tel. It has a detoxifying effect on the liver or kidney parenchyma with antibiotics. Has release toxins from the body, including smoke, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals.
Pharmacokinetics: Effects Hofitol drug is a combination of its components, and a kinetic observation is not possible; All components can be traced using markers or research. For the same reason, it is impossible to detect drugs and metabolites.
- chronic jade;
- expressed violations kidney function;
- oliguriya with heart failure and liver cancer;
- atsetonemiya;
dyskinesia-track ways to gipokineticheskomu type;
- cholecystitis;
- chronic hepatitis;
- yellows;
- chronic intoxication (including gepatotoksichnymi substances nitrosoedineniyami, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals);
- atherosclerosis;
- obesity.
Pregnancy and Lactation: There are reports that Hofitola application in the integrated treatment of pre improves clinical course of disease. I think that Hofitol may be recommended at the prevention of risk in the early gestosis of pregnancy.
Data on the safety of the drug Hofitol during lactation is not provided.
Contraindications: uterine biliary tract.
Side Effects: From the digestive system: possible development of diarrhoea in the long admission preparation in high doses.
Special instructions: The long reception in the high dose of the drug increases the risk of diarrhoea.
Drug interactions: Drug interaction drug Hofitol not described.
Overdose: Symptoms: possibly strengthening of side effects.
Dosing and Administration: Adults appoint 2-3 taboo. three times per day before eating. The course of treatment of 10-20 days every month.
If necessary, designate in / in or / m introduction of drugs: on 1-2 injections and more in the day, during 8-15 days.
Duration of set individually, depending on the evidence.
Children, depending on age appoint 1-2 taboo. three times per day before eating. If necessary, / in or / m appoint a 1/4-1/2 dose used in adults.
Storage conditions: The sheltered from the world scene, at a temperature below 25 C
Best before: 3 years
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