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Strix - Bilberry extract N30
Strix - Bilberry extract N30
Product Code: strix-30 SIFI

Strix - Bilberry extract N30

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1 tablet contains: Active ingredients: blueberry fruit extract dry 15% (equivalent to 12.36 mg anthocyanosides in terms of anthocyanidins) 82.40 mg beta-carotene 20% concentrate (in terms of 1.2 mg beta-carotene) \ 00096.00 mg Excipients : blueberries fruits juice grains - 178.00 mg; Cellulose microcrystalline - 118.43 mg; corn starch - 29.09 mg; silicon dioxide - 6.76 mg; Magnesium stearate - 3.80 mg. Sheath: methylcellulose - 4.00 mg.

sale Properties
No prescription

- Myopia of high to medium;

- Acquisition of day-blindness;

- Diabetic retinopathy;

- Violation of the mechanisms of adaptation to darkness (at night and twilight vision);

- Muscular asthenopia;

- Central retinal degeneration such as atherosclerotic-Kunt Junius;

- Tapetoretinalnoy abiotrophy retina (retinitis pigmentosa).

individual hypersensitivity to the active substance preparation or to any auxiliary ingredients in its composition.